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Have the rest of you been seeing those spam posts with a faux porn video show up in random comms on your friend list? I managed to click on one by accident (using your leg as a mousepad because you want to lean back isn't always optimal) and the little &^%$@# gave me a virus. I immediately closed the new window that popped up before anything seemed to load, and thought it was a link to an ad or a porn site, so I didn't notice the problem right away. My anti-virus appeared to be working, but was actually disabled, an ask.com toolbar appeared on Firefox and I had what seemed to be a text file that was
over forty gigs
in size. So that was all barrels of fun to get rid of. Doesn't everyone love re-installing their anti-virus twice?

Annnnnyway, that's why I've been quiet most of the week. And that's why I'm late wishing platoapproved a happy birthday. Cheers