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...there's a bird merrily singing with enthusiasm just outside your window as you lay in bed. Instead of enjoying the glory of nature, you instead try to see if you can telepathically summon the neighbor's cat to come and eat it.

Stars Wars Watch-a-long

solidfoamsoul and I are at it again. It was just the two of us on Wednesday. *pout* But if you're free on Sunday at 2 PM EST, come join us in the chat room she set up for Return of the Jedi. We should be done in plenty of time for brb_gallifrey 's listen-a-long at 7.

How is it half past 1 AM already? *sigh*

A Few Things

solidfoamsoul and I will be watching The Empire Strikes Back tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7 EST. If anyone would like to join us, the chatroom is here.

Also, I joined Tumblr recently, so if anyone else is on, you can find me here. Too many variations on Abby Normal were taken, so I went with Naughty Lupine instead.

I'll be pretty busy all day between running errands, visiting my grandmother, and having dinner with my parents before we go see a special theater showing of the extended edition of Lord of the Rings, so don't be surprised if I don't respond to comments until late tonight or tomorrow.

Giftastic Meme

A lot of folks on my f-list seem to be posting again after having been quiet for a bit and I noticed it's been a while since I posted outside of brb_gallifrey myself. So here's a meme ganked from shinydinosaur :

"You're now a time lord. The 41st gif in your folder is your companion. The 17th gif is your arch enemy. Post your results in a comment/your lj/your tumblr/wherever!"

Mine is downright creepy:

My Companion:

title or description

My Enemy:
title or description
...and I'm almost done with The Blue Angel. Why am I not finished yet? Because I came across an awesome section that I suddenly felt the need to wallpaper. This never happens, but now it has.

So have a wallpaper!Collapse )


I have just spent pretty much the entire day that wasn't directly devoted to necessary tasks finishing up the Interference duo of books in the Eight Doctor Adventures. My mind is slightly broken. My signal will resume normal transmission tomorrow. Possibly.

Also, LJ hook is not compatible with firefox 4. WOE.


Have the rest of you been seeing those spam posts with a faux porn video show up in random comms on your friend list? I managed to click on one by accident (using your leg as a mousepad because you want to lean back isn't always optimal) and the little &^%$@# gave me a virus. I immediately closed the new window that popped up before anything seemed to load, and thought it was a link to an ad or a porn site, so I didn't notice the problem right away. My anti-virus appeared to be working, but was actually disabled, an ask.com toolbar appeared on Firefox and I had what seemed to be a text file that was
over forty gigs
in size. So that was all barrels of fun to get rid of. Doesn't everyone love re-installing their anti-virus twice?

Annnnnyway, that's why I've been quiet most of the week. And that's why I'm late wishing platoapproved a happy birthday. Cheers

Because bluerose16 is EVIL...

Fuck, Marry, Kill
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would fuck, marry and kill.

Well, I commented and this is what I got.

Have I mentioned that bluerose16 is evil? She deserves a PHD in horribleness.Collapse )

Book Meme

saiyako tagged me:

1. Grab a book near you.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people.

She swallowed hard.

Anya turned the page, finding a picture of the missing member of the family: the oldest daughter. She was captured on film with a sullen expression, sitting in the corner of her room on a beanbag chair.

From Embers by Laura Bickle.


She's Ba-ack

Finally got the monitor replaced! The monitor (and new wireless mouse and keyboard that I'd gotten as a gift a while back but been too lazy to install yet) was only just in place and ready to roll before the fan in the power supply started making a horrible noise. After blowing a shit ton of dust out of the innards without stopping this noise, we had to replace the whole power supply because some genius glued the fan in so it couldn't be replaced separately. I suppose it could have been done, actually, but it would have been a real pain and we might have ended up damaging something else trying to get the glue off and had to replace the power supply anyway, so I said just said screw it and got the stinking power supply. Had some car issues while I was at it, but it seems to be running well again. *knocks wood devoutly*

So anyway, I'll be catching back up on what all happened on the internetz while I was gone. Apologies if I miss anything.


My monitor is acting up and I suspect it may be on it's way out. If I disappear for a few days sometime soon, it'll probably be due to that. It's not really the best time financially to replace it, but nothing ever breaks when it's convenient, does it? Comp Crash


I just had the oddest Dr Who dream

Well, it's probably not the oddest dream I've ever had, but this one had a bit more plot than what I usually remember. TV or movie characters do occasionally guest star in my dreams but usually not more than one at a time and if there's two, they're rarely from the same source. This one, however...

Here there be strangenessCollapse )


Now that I've had some sleep and gotten some orange juice under my belt, let me make a more coherent post. As I said, I went to see the Barenaked Ladies last night and it was an excellent show.

I actually have a bruise on my hand from one of my rings banging it when clappingCollapse )


Barenaked Ladies!

...freakin' rock! Saw them in concert tonight and it was awesome. Must crash now before my head hits the keyadslfksdhfdasflksdhf



I said when I was just getting started that a lot of comms sounded awesome until you looked closer and noticed no one has posted for a year or more. Mostly, I pass those by while searching interests for more fun stuff to join, but did join a few anyway in the no doubt futile hope that some of them might revive in the future. I tried posting to a dead caption comm with a picture and it's possible that it might get some interest going again. It seems slightly intrusive in a way, because I'm not the mod or anything and it's been like four years since the last post. Anyone tried to defibrillate a dead comm before? Is it potentially a good idea or just beating a dead horse?

When Sinus Pressure Attacks!

I've got one of those headaches where my entire face right down to my teeth hurts. Not sure why it's so bad today. It
pollen season still and I
allergic to the great outdoors, technically, but it doesn't give me hayfever and never has. There's a tiny amount of drainage, just enough to notice really, but I haven't been sneezing my face off or anything. It's hot today and I've been drinking accordingly (6 32oz bottles full of crystal light or water and counting) so dehydration shouldn't be factoring in. My glasses don't need changing any time soon yet, either. I just hope to hell this isn't another sinus infection. Haven't had one in a while and am not anxious for another one. 8|

Maybe a nice bowl of ramen and a Dr. Who audio I can just close my eyes and listen to will help cure my ills before my head reaches critical mass.

Not Sure Where to Begin

I feels a bit strange talking to myself when I don't have any LJ friends yet, but I don't want to seem like just a bum who never posts anything either. Just kind of jumping on in here seems like the way to go. I'm already finding and joining some communities here and there, which will hopefully find me some folks to talk to on this site. Fandom stuff, macros and cracky stuff seems like the easiest and most fun to start out with, so that's what I've been searching out. I loves me some sci-fi and Dr Who has taken my house by storm
despite an intense affair with Heroes until the DVDs ran out and we discovered season 4 was done broadcasting with only the last few eps available online and there may not be a season 5 *pout*
so it's mostly the good Doctor on my radar. Will just have to keep doing random searches of whatever drops into my mind and see what groups it unearths. Might have to get some proper lunch first though. *glares at gurgling tummy*

P.S.-Man it's amazing how many comms out there sound so awesome until you realize no one's posted in a year or more. :/

Greetings, Internets!

It's aliiiiiiiiiiiive!